How are you different from other gyms?

We are a coaching facility, you train in a class environment to ensure you get constant, up to date coaching which will help you achieve results faster, keep you safe and involve you in a pretty cool community. You can’t come in here, put on your iPod and do your own thing.

We take pride in delivering fitness and performance results in a friendly environment with the best quality coaching you’ll find anywhere. Our members come from all walks of life and all ranges of age and fitness. Our youngest members are 14 and our oldest 60+, we have ex Olympic athletes and people who have never trained in their life. Our programming is based on the needs our varied client base and on the latest research.


I’ve heard crossfit is really tough – will it be too challenging for me?

Yes, CrossFit is tough. We work at a high intensity which is why you get results. Having said that, you do not walk in and train at the hardest level. Everything we do is able to be scaled to cater for different fitness levels and different restrictions you may have. Your starting place will be specific to you and likewise, the rate at which you increase intensity will be an individual process. You start with a weight that is safe and manageable for you and then we help you get stronger. If you’ve got a pull-up, we’ll show you how to do more. If you don’t have a pull-up, even better! We’ll teach you how to get one!


Isn’t crossfit dangerous?

Yes, if you do it incorrectly! This is where the amount of coaching you receive is of the utmost importance. The movements in CrossFit are not simple isolated movements, it’s not like using a machine. People were not born knowing how to perform gymnastic movements or Olympic Lifts, just as we weren’t born knowing how to drive a car. They are movements that need to be taught!

We believe in what we do and know the success you can achieve if you are taught correctly. We’ve been trained in the CrossFit methods by all of the top CrossFit coaches. Our staff are highly educated in the science of athletic movement with a combined 47 years between our three owners, we want to share the knowledge we’ve accumulated with you and help you have an enjoyable and safe CrossFit journey.


Crossfit scares me!

It is always scary looking from the outside in, and yes, you will 100% be out of your comfort zone… for a little while. Once you realise that you are not the worst person to ever try CrossFit (there is no such thing!) and that everyone walks in with their own strengths and weakness you’ll relax into it! The beauty of CrossFit is that there are always some movements that you will find easy and others that seem impossible (and everyone is different here). If left to your own devices guaranteed you will only work to your strengths. It’s the days that you walk in and cringe because there is a movement you can’t do that are the ones from which you’ll benefit the most. This is where our coaching skills come in to play – we will help you achieve your “impossible”. Start smashing these restrictions you put on yourself and you’ll start to realise anything is possible.


Why is your membership more than my normal gym?

We like to use the analogy that all coffee is not equal! You know when you have an ok cup and you know when you have one made by someone who’s professionally trained and knows what they are doing. Until you come in and try CrossFit the pricing probably won’t make sense. So that’s just what we want you to do – come in, try a class for free. Get a feel for what you’re in for, the level of coaching and our community before you make a decision.


I’ve done crossfit before, can I jump straight into classes?

Every CrossFit gym is different with a wide variety of coaching and movement standards. Most people with at least 3 months experience will be fine in our regular classes. Just give us a call so we can get a bit of background before you jump into your first class.


Do you have showers

Absolutely, bring a towel.


Where are you located

Our address is 27-29 Eyre St Kingston (the old Cusack furniture shop for those who’ve lived in Canberra a while!). There is plenty of parking directly across the road from the gym.