Free Trial
If you’ve┬ánever tried Crossfit before, or if you have, but just not with us, sign up for a free trial.

Test yourself, test us.

They say CrossFit’s not for everyone, it’s hardcore and only suits fitness fanatics. We entirely disagree. And to prove it – we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

CrossFit is entirely adaptable to all fitness standards, all ages, and all body types. We’re offering anyone new to this style of functional fitness a free trial. Even if you’ve done it before, but not with us, join us for a few sessions to see the quality of our program and team. Test yourself, and test us. Are we the coaches that’ll get your best out of you? We think so, let’s try each other on for size.

3 weeks free basic training for those who haven’t tried Crossfit before.
2 weeks free membership for those who have done it, but not with us.

Both trials are exclusively for those living in Canberra and surrounding area.

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