CrossFit 2600

About 2600

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CrossFit 2600 is a purpose built facility where our trainers teach and train our members in CrossFit methods to lead fitter and healthier lives. CrossFit is a scalable fitness program designed for all fitness levels regardless of age and experience.

Why CrossFit 2600?

CrossFit 2600 is at the forefront of evidence based fitness. All trainers are experienced in providing on-going feedback to improve technique and give sound advice on recovery and nutrition resulting in a complete personal fitness experience. We believe in living the lifestyle we promote, our team of trainers and are all committed CrossFitters. CrossFit 2600 is a community offering friendship, support and inspiration to achieve levels of fitness that may seem unachievable. Our members enjoy challenging themselves and love training with people of the same mindset. The CrossFit 2600 community includes mums, dads, athletes, elderly, re-hab patients and children, all having fun being challenged and together improving their lives. This completely reinforces our belief that fitness is non-discriminatory and is achievable by anyone. When you enter our facility it is a personal experience, each member is known by name not number. Feel free to walk in, meet the team and get started on your CrossFit journey.

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