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CrossFit 2600 is committed to improving our members’ potential through top class coaching. To ensure more people get the benefit of our expertise we are introducing Basics Classes to replace our Intro sessions.

Basics Classes will be open to new members of the gym and will incorporate all the skills needed to tackle group classes with confidence. The classes will run two times a week and new Team 2600 members will need to attend both to ensure you have all the skills and experience necessary to join our daily WODs.

Faqs on crossfit 2600 basics classes:

Why do I need to do the Basics Classes?

At CrossFit 2600 we place a great deal of importance on technique to avoid injury. Basics Classes are your introduction to CrossFit movements you may not have encountered before in your previous gym/fitness experience. CrossFit incorporates a range of skills, lifts and movements that are new to many of our members, we want you to perform them safely and get the most out of your work out. To do that we need to teach you those movements in a safe environment where we can give you all of our attention.

What does the program involve?

The program is run over two classes in one week, you are able to start any day but need to complete a Monday and a Wednesday session. Classes are 6.30pm Monday and Wednesday. The classes will be small so we can give you a great deal of individual attention. The small group class gives Team 2600 members more opportunities to ask questions of coaches and get all the information they need to begin group WODs with confidence.

Can I skip the Basics class if I am fit and have done a lot of gym work before?

No. The Basics class is important to learn the movements and technique of CrossFit. While you may adapt quickly if you have an extensive fitness background, it is important to learn the CrossFit approach to make sure you get a great workout and experience when you join group classes.

I am an experienced CrossFitter – do I need to do Basics?

We will assess this on an individual basis. Get in touch with us and we can talk through your level of experience. Part of the Basics course is understanding any injury or mobility issues members might have so we can help them to tailor WODs to their needs if needed.

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