CrossFit 2600

What Is Crossfit

What is Crossfit-small
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance . Stamina . Strength .
Flexibilty . Power . Speed . Co-ordination . Agility . Balance . Accuracy
CrossFit is not a specialised fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in ten varied domains (listed above) which, in our view, make up fitness. The  CrossFit program enhances an individual’s competency at all physical tasks using running,  rowing, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, skipping, band and tyre work to name just a few.
Our members are trained to be successful at multiple, diverse and randomized physical tasks so as to be better prepared for the different challenges encountered in everyday life. CrossFit 2600 members are trained to work all aspects of fitness not just strengths, which is the key to achieving results. CrossFit training caters for everybody. It meets the training demands of the military, police personnel and fire-fighters and is applicable and beneficial for athletes in any sport yet can be scaled to also be suitable for a complete beginner.
Regardless of fitness or training background, all members perform the same workout; the load and intensity is scaled to fit each member’s ability allowing people at all fitness levels to train together. The sense of community that this creates is indescribable and second to none; it is an amazing catalyst for setting and achieving new fitness goals.
In simple terms you will be part of an amazing group of people and will be the fittest and healthiest you have ever been!

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