CrossFit 2600

Kat Baker

Everyones story for starting CrossFit is different, and mine is no exception.
I came from a slightly different background and for slightly different reasons than most.

I had been competing as a professional Ironman triathlete for a good 7 years whilst also slowly studying at university. When the 10 year mark of uni was approaching I was told my credits would expire so I had to get it done. I took what I thought would be a 1 year break from triathlon to finish off my degree, and thought I would start CrossFit to stay fit and work on my weaknesses that I had developed in triathlon, so that when I went back I would be a better and unstoppable athlete.

It soon became apparent that my return to triathlon may be somewhat postponed as I fell in love with CrossFit.

I didn’t start Crossfit at 2600. In fact, I tried 7 different boxes in 3 months before I walked into 2600. It’s not that the other boxes weren’t good.

They all had wonderful members who were very approachable and friendly. It seemed as though Crossfit in general had good communities of people wherever you went. But coming from competitive sport, once I got the bug and decided I wanted to go somewhere with it; I was looking at the coaching. I wanted coaches who could tell you what, why and how they programmed, knowledge of the sport that they were willing to share, good efficiency and technique with cues to create this in their athletes, concern for safety and smart progression, eagerness for athletes to compete, competitive experience themselves, and a willingness to coach athletes to the highest level. 2600 ticked all of these boxes.

I knew as soon as I walked in the door that this was the place. I was sat down, my goals were quickly figured out and I was talked through the program. I started class then and there and the coaching I got from the word go was by far the best I had experienced in all the boxes I had visited. Straight away I was bombarded with new cues and immediate improvements in my technique. I LOVED it.

These were clearly coaches that could improve athletes of any level, from any background.

The warm up was specifically tailored to what we were doing in the workout, the movements all demonstrated. The coaches were professional and 100% dedicated to the session- they weren’t eating, sitting down or on their phones! (yep- it’s happened elsewhere). We practiced all the movements before the workout started, weights and scaling was discussed with every single member that needed it. There was endless chalk, lots of good equipment and plenty of space. This was where I was going to stay.

One of the best things, is that this box is adaptable. When I first joined there were some fantastic athletes who were at regional level and plenty of athletes that had been at regional level previously, both individual and they had multiple teams in the past also. So there was always athletes to look to for motivation, advice or just training partners. Most though were following just the basic weekly program (1hour session 6 days a week), with a few extras on the side. It soon developed into a handful of athletes who were killing the sessions during the week and looking for more. So, the coaches delivered and created a competition program. This program has been the best thing for athletes looking to compete. It is full of motivated fit people who push each other every session. The coaches test regularly to make sure that what they program is working and that all athletes are improving. And so far it is delivering with consistent improvements in strength, gymnastics and conditioning from everyone, and to confirm it we qualified another team to regionals.

Coming from Ironman triathlon, I was used to volume and I soon outgrew the 1-1.5 hour sessions per day and I was looking for more. I loved (and hated) that I was appropriately held back when I needed to be. The coaches knew that it is a sport where volume should be slowly progressed, and you can’t just chuck a newbie in the deep end. I also loved that when I was ready; I was given more, and more, progressively as my body learnt to handle it.

I was able to go from Triathlete to top 100 in Australia in a year at 2600. I am aiming to make regionals and someday the Games and I have a firm belief that this is going to happen. The knowledge and opportunity is here, and for any athlete looking to be competitive in the sport of Crossfit, coming from any background be it Crossfit, another competitive sport or even the couch, the coaches at 2600 will be able to get you there, safely, with efficient technique that you will be proud of when you compete (and dominate).

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