CrossFit 2600

Al Ramos

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped!” (Anthony Robbins)

My decision was to join Crossfit2600 in May 2012, and 10 months later, to say that decision was a life saving one is not an exaggeration!

In early 2012, I was emerging from a very challenging time in my life – I had worked through the stress of selling a business and was starting a new career; I had recently lost my father-in-law and my father from drawn-out illnesses; and was just recovering from reconstruction surgery to both ankles.

I was overweight (94 Kg; body fat 34%); my cholesterol was at high risk levels of 7.1; blood sugar and blood pressure were both elevated to the extent my doctor gave me 6 months “to get my health sorted”, or he was going to have to prescribe a truckload of tablets!… so motivation wasn’t a problem.

However, as I was on the recovery from the ankle surgeries I was concerned about getting back into exercise and damaging them, as my tendency is to charge at things like a bull at a gate!

Going back to soccer, the cause of my damaged ankles was not an option, swimming & running have never appealed; and other exercise options seemed to lack the social connectivity and camaraderie I so loved about playing soccer.

I was referred to Crossfit2600 by Matt Hall, a client and friend, however, the stories he told me about some of the workouts (WOD’s) didn’t inspire my confidence. In fact, my research about crossfit generally raised further concerns as I heard “stories” suggesting it was “cult-like”; that people “always got injured throwing big weights around without adequate instruction”!

So naturally, I was very hesitant about embracing crossfit as my solution, however, my respect for Matt’s judgement was such I thought I’d have a chat to the owners and tread cautiously.

I was soon referred to Josh Bersluis, one of the coaches, and he went to great lengths to not only explain how crossfit worked, but more particularly, how Crossfit2600 operated.

He was emphatic about the 3 critical stages of progression for the correct and safe development at crossfit:-

1)    Technique – first and foremost!… then

2)    Speed… and finally

3)    Weight!

So my fears were being well managed, however, the winner for me was that they sent me to the physio – Cameron Boland, as part of the “introductory program”. Cam took note and care of my many ailments and frailties and then advised me AND the Crossfit2600 coaches of what particular exercises I should not do and how my progression needed to proceed.

I have found that this “pastoral care” is a particularly strong core value of the team at Crossfit2600, one that has not only kept me there but has had me promote them strongly to whoever will listen!

In short, the team at Crossfit2600 have completely blown out of the water all of the very miss-informed “stories” I had heard. In fact it is the thoughtful and constant pastoral care that is a key contributor to my commitment to an exercise program that I see as simply becoming a natural and ongoing way of life for me. That and of course the friendly and supportive community of members that manage to keep smiles on their faces, always encouraging each other as we all “suffer” through the daily WODs. J

I’m very proud of the results I have achieved with the help and guidance of the 2600 team (and of course my wonderful wife Sue with her awesome cooking) – for example:-

  • Weight is now 84 Kg (body fat down to 18%… still some to go J)
  • Cholesterol is now 5… which as I have a hereditary susceptibility I have been checking every 6 mths for over 25 years – this is the 1st time it has been under 6!

Thank you most sincerely Crossfit2600 team… A vital and healthy life, here I come!

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