CrossFit 2600


Christine Pitt



Assistant Secretary, DHS

“There’s a bit in this one, Chrissie” – words I’m not sure whether to embrace or run from reflects the whole CrossFit experience – pain and gain, fear and excitement, defeat and success. A CrossFit WOD … Continue reading →

Andrew Syke

Director, Business Solutions

I’ve been training with Josh for over 3 years now. During that time his programming and training have helped me achieve every fitness goal that I’ve set. Josh has used his skill and experience as a … Continue reading →

Stephanie Porter

Assistant Director

How do you know you can’t? Have you tried? Is one of the many things Josh has said to me but it’s the one statement that has really set the tone of how he has trained me, … Continue reading →

Ruth Bayley

Age 49
Small Business Owner, mother of 2

If you are wondering whether PT and CrossFit training is for you, then the answer is an emphatic yes! I am so thrilled with the results I have achieved, the experience of … Continue reading →

Al Johnson

I started training with Pip early in 2009 with a vague objective of increasing my upper body strength. In 2006 I had major heart surgery and although I had recovered my cardiovascular fitness through running I was frustrated with my … Continue reading →

Frith Rayner

Communications & Public Affairs Manager

Pip is one of the best personal trainers I have worked with. In 20 years in training on and off in gyms in New Zealand, the UK and in Australia it’s with Pip I’ve maintained both my commitment to … Continue reading →

Anjana Burran

Public Servant

I have been a member of a local gym for a long time and have been keen about doing exercises such as running, aerobics and swimming since secondary school. When I first started at the gym, I decided … Continue reading →

John McManus

Age- 42
Public Servant

Jamie has been my personal trainer for ten months. In that time I have met with him at least weekly. Jamie uses CrossFit to put together excellent training programs with each session focused on skill development … Continue reading →

Linda Hanson



Software Tester

When I started doing CrossFit, I didn’t know that I was doing CrossFit. My personal trainer Liz started teaching me the basic movements and all I knew was that I was enjoying myself. I started reading up … Continue reading →

Mark Kirchner



Public Servant

I have been training using the CrossFit training methods with my personal trainer, Liz Arnot, for the past few months. I am very impressed with CrossFit and the results I have achieved with the training program in … Continue reading →

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