CrossFit 2600

House Rules

Team 2600 is a great community of committed athletes who work hard, support each other and celebrate each other’s successes. To ensure all our members get the most out of their time at the box these are our house rules and associated rewards:
Be on time 

  • Lateness (once the warm up intro has started) will incur a 3 burpee per minute overtime penalty.

Did you tear on the bar?

  • Make sure all DNA is wiped off equipment
  • Failure to do so will incur a bear crawl up and back to the EQ front door.

Be responsible for your training

  • Bring your diary, either paper or electronic, to strength and Olympic lifting classes. You’ll get more out of both if you use this tool.
  • For a little encouragement to keep it top of mind: no training diary = 30 rope slams

Keep chalk in the chalk bucket, on your hands and on the bar, not on the floor

  • Penalty of 30 ball slams for throwing your chalk around.

During Session

  • Wait until the WOD is finished before putting your equipment away.
  • Respect the fact people are still working hard to get through their workout.
  • Take the time to cheer them on and support people still getting it done.
  • Penalty: burpee box jumps til the WOD is finished

Rowing machines

  • Look after our rowing ergs by putting the handle in the right finishing position.
  • Just letting go of the handle means your WOD isn’t finished – 500 more metres for you.


  • The coaches are doubly committed to our House Rules – every penalty listed here goes double for them.

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