CrossFit 2600

Competition Training


CrossFit 2600 has a proud history of representation every year since 2010 at the Regional level, Teams 2011/2013/2015 and 9 Individual Regional Athletes. We are always striving to provide the frame work for local athletes to reach the highest possible level. The Tier 2 is an Advanced Class created for those who wish to compete in the sport of CrossFit. The class has a higher technical demand, more complex movements and greater volume than the Tier 1 Classes. If you are interested in joining the Tier 2 Classes please contact one of our coaches to be assessed for eligibility. Tier 2 is not exclusively for those who compete, but is geared towards the Sport of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games Season. Below is a standard week of Tier 2 training. Click here to view Tier 2 training week