CrossFit 2600

Workout of the day

Thursday 20th February

5 rounds for time:2 legless rope climbs15 DB thrusters (22.5/15kg)15 toes to bar

Wednesday 19th February

Floor Press E3MOM2 x 42 x 32 x 2 2 rounds:20 plate burpees20 DB push presses 20 alt. reverse lunges (KB)10-20 GHD sit-ups

Tuesday 18th February

30 minute AMRAPIn teams of 2, alternate complete rounds15 cal row12 deadlifts (70/47.5kg)9 hang power cleans6 sto

Monday 17th February

25 minutes to find a max Sumo Deadlift 3 rounds:6 heavy goblet squats6 strict pull-ups6/6 single leg squats80m heavy object carry

Saturday 15th February

AMRAP in 30 minutesIn pairsBlock run80 walking KB lunges200m KB farmer’s carry40 single arm KB push presses

Friday 14th February

E2MOM for 16 minutes2 x split jerks 3 setsAgainst a 3 minute running clock20/15 cal bike15 pull-upsMAX reps SHSPUREST 6 MINUTES

Thursday 13th February

5 rounds for time:400m run20 wall balls (9/6kg)10 DB box step-ups (22.5/15kg)

Wednesday 12th February

Floor Press E3MOM6 x 5 5 rounds30 sec DB curl & press30 sec rest30 sec DB front raise3 sec rest4 strict pull-ups (HTLW)30 sec rest

Tuesday 11th February

30 minute AMRAP in pairsAlternate movements20/15 cal bike/row15 ring dips30 russian swings20/15 bike/row

Monday 10th February

Sumo Deadlifts E3MOM6 x 5 5 rounds:30 sec DB thrusters30 sec rest30 sec plate raise sit-ups30 sec rest30 sec reverse goblet alt lunge30 sec rest