CrossFit 2600

Workout of the day

Saturday 16th December

A) E3MOM Power Snatches 3-3-3-3 B) 4 rounds for time: 12 Power Snatches (50/35kg) 24 Abmat Sit-ups 36 Air Squats

Thursday 14th December

10 rounds for time: In Pairs (complete one full round then swap) 21 calorie Row/AB 14 DB Thrusters (15/10kg) 7 Burpee Box Jumps

Wednesday 13th December

“Lynne” 5 rounds for max reps: Body Weight Bench Press Pull-ups  

Tuesday 12th December

In groups of three for max reps: One person working at a time 5 minutes: Max Power Clean & Jerk (50/30kg) 4 minutes: Max Wall Balls (9/6kg) 3 minutes: Max cal Row/AB 2 minutes: Max Burpee Box Overs 1 minute: Max Sync Toes to Bar (2 people) 2 minutes: Max Burpee Box Overs 3 minutes: Read More

Monday 11th December

CROSSFIT TOTAL Max Back Squat + Max Strict Press + Max Deadlift

Saturday 9th December

A) EMOM for 30 minutes: 1) 15 Burpees 2) 30 Double Unders + 10 Toes to Bar 3) 10 DB Thrusters (20/12.5kg) 4) 30 sec Dish Hold 5) 3 Rope Climbs 6) Rest B) XMAS PARTYYYYY  2pm at EQ (Equinox Business Park, Deakin)

Friday 8th December

A) For time: 21-15-9 Power Snatch (40/30kg) Push Jerk (40/30kg) Abmat sit-ups B) Death by Slam Ball

Thursday 7th December

“Jackie” For time: Row 1000m 50 Thrusters (20/15kg) 30 Pull-ups  

Wednesday 6th December

25 minutes to find a MAX strict press Assistant Work 5 rounds of 40 sec on/20 sec off: Incline Push-ups Reverse Curl & Press Candlestick Curl

Tuesday 5th December

2 rounds In groups of 4, 2 minutes at each station with a 30 second transition 1) 2 Man Tyre Flips 2) Assault Bike (2 per team) 3) Prowler Push/Pull 4) Rope slams 5) Row (2 per team) 6) Team Sit-ups (link arms)