CrossFit 2600

Workout of the day

Saturday 23rd January

“Linda”For time: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps of:1.5 body weight deadlifts0.75 bodyweight floor press0.75 body weight clean

Friday 22nd January

20 minutes t build to a heavy 2RM power clean AMRAP in 8 minutes:8 pull-ups8 single arm DB hang clean & jerk – L8 single arm DB hang clean & jerk – R

Wednesday 20th January

Floor Press E3MOM6,4,36,4,3 3 rounds:20/15 cal20 ring push-ups10/10 alt reverse lunge with DB

Tuesday 19th January

“Partner Kelly”In teams of 2, complete as many rounds and reps possible in 30 minutes:400m run30 box jumps30 wall balls (9/6kg) EMOM 4 minutes1) 40 sec BB roll-out2) 40 sec hanging knee raise

Monday 18th January

HB back squats E3MOM6,4,36,4,3 3 rounds:15 plate squats12 BB band deadlifts (60/40kg)10 toes to bar

Saturday 16th January

In pairs complete 5 rounds for time:400m run60 KB swings40 KB box step-overs20 pull-ups

Friday 15th January

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes:2 x power clean AMRAP in 10 minutes:10 devils press10 tuck-ups10 alt reverse DB goblet lunge

Thursday 14th January

E2MOM for 7 rounds1 snatch high pull + 1 power snatch In pairs, alternate movements and complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:6 power sntach8 strict pull-ups10 lateral bar burpees14 deadlifts16 cals

Wednesday 13th January

Floor Press Wave E3MOM8,6,48,6,4 4 rounds:6 single arm press6 single arm row30 sec cals8 burpee pull-ups

Tuesday 12th January

EMOM for 36 minutes:1) 12/9 cal2) 20 goblet squats3) 20 HR push-ups4) 15 box jumps5) 15 v-ups6) rest

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