CrossFit 2600

Workout of the day

Thursday 4th June

EMOM for 28 minutes:1) 15/10 cals2) 8 power cleans (50/35kg)3) MAX reps burpees4) REST

Wednesday 3rd June

2 sec pause floor press E2.5MOM7 x 4 3 sets:30 sec on/offBB biceps curlBB strict pressBB back squatBB bentover row

Tuesday 2nd June

2 sec pause front squat E2.5MOM7 x 4 For time:800/700 ski or row or 50/40 cal bike60 alt DB snatches (22.5/15kg)800/700 ski or row or 50/40 cal bike

Tuesday 2 June – we’re back!

Class participant numbers are limited. Please book using RSVP (above or to the left) to secure your spot in the class. Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday!

Monday 30th March

Online program starting today. Email for more details

Saturday 28th March

*** If you’ve signed up for our online course, don’t forget to pick up your equipment. I’m here until 10:30am *** 40 minute AMRAP: 3 rounds: ( 5 bent-over rows + 10 T-push-ups + 20 air squats)1 x 400m run with heavy object 1 x 400m after every 3 rounds use whatever you can for Read More

Friday 27th March

100 thrusters @ heavy object EMOM 20 second plank *whatever you can use – a filled backpack, a chair, your child, books, a car … whatever you can find! Use a timer, start with the plank then perform as many thrusters as you can in the reminder of the minute. At the minute mark complete Read More

Thursday 26th March

“Tabata”pull-ups (or star jumps)HR push-upssit-upssquats tabata = 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Complete all 8 rounds on one movement then move to the next

Wednesday 25th March

3 rounds:800m run8 burpee broad jumps16 jumping squats24 sit-ups

Tuesday 24th March

Every 2 minutes for 30 minutes:1) 40 alt. lunges2) 20 burpees3) 30/30 side plank4) 60 double unders or jumping jacks5) 10m shuttle bear crawl x 4