CrossFit 2600

Canberra's Leading Crossfit Gym

New to CrossFit?

Canberra’s leading CrossFit gym is offering you the chance to reach your fitness goals as part of our great community.

CrossFit 2600 provides professional coaching and programming to all members. Our qualified team offers personal coaching, motivation and nutrition advice whatever your fitness ambitions.

We’ll give you two weeks of free Introductory Classes (learn your way around CrossFit movements) and two free weeks membership to put those new movements to the test. Make this your year of fun and fitness with CrossFit 2600.

To find out more click the ‘send message below’ or contact
0419 602 541
0422 470 773
0416 033 561

Or even drop by the Gym 29 Eyre Street, Kingston Shops

For those of you don’t have social media, you should have received an email about your membership by now, if you haven’t please send me an email

We are also starting up an online course as of Monday 30th March. The details are below, if you are interested please send me an email (same address as above) along with the weight of DB/KB you require (roughly what you can strict press for ten repetitions). 

At this stage it we are only lending one dumbbell (or kettle bell) each and one plate. 

If you can, grab yourselves a skipping rope and mobility ball. 
The program will include all warm-ups, strength, conditioning, core and mobility pieces at a cost of $30/week. We’ve been testing these WOD’s out for the last couple of weeks and are excited to share them with you. Video instruction included .. Birchy has promised to be on social media … working on lids off for KB 😂
We will be setting up a closed fb group so we can stay in contact & offer any guidance throughout. We realise not everyone is a fan of Facebook but if you rock set up an account for the sole purpose of our training group that would be great!
Keep rocking team 👊


With heavy hearts we are letting you know that CrossFit 2600 will close the physical gym from Monday 23rd March.

Your health and fitness is our main priority and we want you to be safe.

Team 2600 is an amazing community and we have appreciated your support and commitment to fitness as this situation has changed in such a short time.

It has meant a lot to us, we appreciate it.

we intend to continue to be involved in your fitness journey in the coming weeks and will be in touch very soon.

Stay safe.

Josh, Kai & Pip.